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Exotic Coral Frags is dedicated to the aquaculture and propagation side of the saltwater industry. We focus on propagating rare and unusual corals, to lessen the burden on all the reefs. We do offer propagated Frags, as well as parent colonies. We also offer wild colonies for sale to keep up w/ the high demand in the industry. Every coral on our site will be a “WYSIWYG”. This means that you will receive the exact coral that you see in the photos.

Once corals arrive at our facility, we first temperature acclimate them by floating the bags in our system for over an hour. We then take them through a 3 stage dipping process to ensure that all pests and hitch hikers do not make it into our system. We do this to ensure that all corals in our system, and corals shipped to our customers do not carry unwanted pests that can be harmful in an aquarium. After the acclimation and dipping process, we place the corals in specific tanks so that their health can be monitored. Health of our corals and our coral systems is of the utmost importance to us. We take this process very seriously. You will never see flat worms or red bugs in any of our photos because they just aren’t in our systems. After the corals are designated as healthy corals they are then placed in our coral system.

We hold all of our corals under T5 lighting. We use all Geismann bulbs, ina a combination of Aquablue+, Actinic+, and Pure actinic. We don’t feel that blasting a coral w/ super intense light is the correct thing to do for a newly acclimated coral. We feel that a coral should be introduced to intense light gradually. We suggest to all our customers that run Metal Halide lighting, to acclimate our corals near the bottom of their tanks for a period of at least 1 week to ensure optimal health for their new corals.

All of our tanks are fed twice a week w/ a mixture of various coral foods and supplements. All our systems are very heavily skimmed, w/ skimmers that are over rated for our water volume. 25% water changes are done once a week on every system. We use only the best brands of salt in our systems, and suggest to all our customers they do the same. Salt is the first and most basic building block we can utilize in our tanks. If we use the basic salt mixes to save money, we are cutting corners and not providing the best possible environment for our livestock. All water parameters are tested and dosed every other day to maintain a very consistent environment for our corals. this is why our corals THRIVE, because of our dedication to maintaining our system. We keep our water parameters at the following levels. Calcium: 420 - 450, Magnesium: 1320 – 1400, Alkalinity: 8.5 – 9.5, Salinity: 1.025, Nitrates: 0, Phosphates: 0, To ensure our corals will thrive in our customers tanks as well, we suggest trying to maintain a very consistent water parameter regimen.

Are corals are held in our facility under near perfect conditions until they are purchased and ready to be shipped. Once an order is made, we prepare it in the following manner. We triple bag ever coral using 2 mil bags, for a total of 6 mils of protection. We line the bottoms of our 1” – 1.5” Styrofoam coolers w/ a small layer of packing peanuts to absorb impact and vibrations that occur in shipping. We pack the coolers w/ the bagged corals and stuff packing peanuts in between all bags and the edges of the cooler, so that coral skeletons are not banging together causing tissue damage and stress. We then cover the top of all the bags w/ packing peanuts to further insulate all the bags. We use a layer of newspaper to cover the top of the peanuts and corals, just incase the heat or cold pack happens to come un taped from the lid of the cooler, so that the heat or cold pack cant get wedged in between bags causing the temp to lower or rise in the bags. We feel our packing is far superior in the industry, and take pride in the care and security we provide for the corals. most corals are very sensitive shippers, that is why we take the extra time in packing and shipping these beautiful and sensitive creatures!

If there are any questions or concerns please contact us at